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Rexroth catalog for Roller Rail Systems. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Size Preload class Accuracy class Material Weight Description Price Category
R182123110 25 C3 SP CS 600 RWA-025-SNH-C3-S-2 $307.57 SNH standard steel
R182123210 25 C3 P CS 600 RWA-025-SNH-C3-P-2 $312.35 SNH standard steel
R182132310 1,006 RWA-035-SNH-C2-H-2 $308.90 RSHP SNH standard Resist CR
R18213312X 35 C3 SP 1,850 RWD-035-SNH-C3-S-2 $349.64 RSHP SNH standard steel
R18213322X 35 C3 P 1,850 RWD-035-SNH-C3-P-2 $373.08 RSHP SNH standard steel
R18214312X 45 C3 SP 3,350 RWD-045-SNH-C3-S-2 $511.90 RSHP SNH standard steel
R182152216 5,244 RWA-055-SNH-C2-P-2 $601.49 RSHP SNH standard Resist CR
R182152310 4,600 RWA-055-SNH-C2-H-2 $546.62 RSHP SNH standard Resist CR
R18215312X 55 C3 SP 5,040 RWD-055-SNH-C3-S-2 $559.91 RSHP SNH standard steel
R18215322X 55 C3 P 5,040 RWD-055-SNH-C3-P-2 $518.81 RSHP SNH standard steel
R18223232X 35 C2 H 1,550 RWD-035-SNS-C2-H-2 $280.19 RSHP SNS standard steel
R182422310 25 C2 H CS 900 RWA-025-SLH-C2-H-2 $328.25 SLH standard steel
R182423110 25 C3 SP CS 900 RWA-025-SLH-C3-S-2 $380.38 SLH standard steel
R182423210 25 C3 P CS 900 RWA-025-SLH-C3-P-2 $357.67 SLH standard steel
R182432310 2,181 RWA-035-SLH-C2-H-2 $391.92 RSHP SLH standard Resist CR

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