Rexroth - DBW(C

Rexroth catalog for DBW(C. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Description Price Category
R900518521 DBW10.1-5X/100 $1,580 T)
R901047784 DBW10.1-5X/100U $2,230.56 T)
R901071049 DBW 10 .1-5X/100V $612.04 T)
R900517655 DBW10.1-5X/200 $1,580 T)
R901071050 DBW 10 .1-5X/200V $595.15 T)
R900511720 DBW10.1-5X/315 $1,580 T)
R901215836 DBW10.1-5X/315U $1,530.14 T)
R900562835 DBW10.1-5X/350 $1,069.18 T)
R901039415 DBW10.1-5X/350V $1,693.32 T)
R900595480 DBW10.2-5X/100 $1,580 T)
R900979330 DBW 10 .2-5X/100U $647.33 T)
R900978683 DBW 10 .2-5X/100V $672.80 T)
R900515306 DBW10.2-5X/200 $1,580 T)
R901137170 DBW10.2-5X/200U $1,632.14 T)
R900964275 DBW 10 .2-5X/200V $706.72 T)

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