Rexroth - Directional spool valves

Rexroth catalog for Directional spool valves. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Description Price Category
R900940860 2WRCE125D001-1X/SG24/M-37 $68,339.57 WPH
R900780155 2WRCE40S1000L-2X/PG24K31/A1M $11,153.20 WPH
R901402677 2WRCE40S1000L-2X/PG24K31/C1WK15V $14,355.08 WPH
R900784515 2WRCE50S1100R-2X/SG24K31/A1M $12,844.07 WPH
R900747059 2WRCE50S1600L-2X/PG24K31/A1M $12,336.85 WPH
R900555439 2WRCE63D001-1X/SG24/M $25,543.39 WPH
R900940863 2WRCE63D001-1X/SG24/M-37 $25,470.30 WPH
R901114013 2WRCE80K001-1X/SG24/M $115,638.12 WPH
R901349471 3WE10A4-5X/EG12N9K4/V $689.24 WE 10...E
R901383091 3WE10A4-5X/EG24K4/M $651.73 WE 10...E
R901278817 3WE10A4-5X/EG24N9K4/M $876.20 WE 10...E
R901374591 3WE10A4-5X/EG24N9K4/V $672.53 WE 10...E
R901409770 3WE10A4-5X/EW120RN9DAL/M $2,132.42 WE 10...E
R901388992 3WE10A5X/DEG24N9K4/M $484.91 WE 10...E
R901317863 3WE10A5X/DEG24N9K4/M=TA $1,153.09 WE 10...E

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