Rexroth - Proportional, high-response and servo valves

Rexroth catalog for Proportional, high-response and servo valves. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Description Price Category
R900962961 2FRE 10-4X/25QBK4M $4,624.14 2FRE
R900948692 2FRE 10-4X/25QK4M $5,179.33 2FRE
R900764820 2FRE 10-4X/2QEBK4M $4,778.63 2FRE
R900963481 2FRE 10-4X/2QEK4M $3,963.84 2FRE
R900915815 2FRE 10-4X/50LBK4M $4,789.28 2FRE
R901021448 2FRE 10-4X/50LBK4V $3,677.29 2FRE
R900915813 2FRE 10-4X/50LK4M $3,959.10 2FRE
R900244809 2FRE 10-4X/50LK4V $5,085.35 2FRE
R900931237 2FRE 10-4X/5LBK4M $4,770.20 2FRE
R900942938 2FRE 10-4X/5LK4M $3,920.90 2FRE
R900962409 2FRE 10-4X/5LK4V $5,014.03 2FRE
R900946937 2FRE 10-4X/5QBK4M $5,080.02 2FRE
R900964806 2FRE 10-4X/5QEBK4M $5,236.72 2FRE
R900962277 2FRE 10-4X/5QEK4M $4,727.48 2FRE
R900915823 2FRE 10-4X/60LBK4M $3,791.65 2FRE

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