Rexroth - Proportional, high-response and servo valves

Rexroth catalog for Proportional, high-response and servo valves. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Description Price Category
R900915817 2FRE 10-4X/10LBK4M $3,616.85 2FRE
R900785983 2FRE 10-4X/10LBK4V $3,677.12 2FRE
R900953546 2FRE 10-4X/10LK4M $3,646.99 2FRE
R900949575 2FRE 10-4X/10QBK4M $3,797.69 2FRE
R900963211 2FRE 10-4X/10QK4M $3,827.83 2FRE
R900915825 2FRE 10-4X/16LBK4M $3,857.98 2FRE
R900963710 2FRE 10-4X/16LBK4M=LB $3,688.55 2FRE
R900760386 2FRE 10-4X/16LBK4V $3,857.98 2FRE
R900959337 2FRE 10-4X/16LK4M $3,646.99 2FRE
R900976050 2FRE 10-4X/16LK4V $4,752.59 2FRE
R900245908 2FRE 10-4X/16QBK4M $3,767.56 2FRE
R900768728 2FRE 10-4X/16QK4M $4,321.55 2FRE
R900915820 2FRE 10-4X/25LBK4M $4,321.55 2FRE
R900249888 2FRE 10-4X/25LBK4V $4,752.59 2FRE
R900932728 2FRE 10-4X/25LK4M $4,321.55 2FRE

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