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Part Number Description Price Category
R901126528 IH15BA006-1X/02003AA/G24N9K4M01 $3,633.53 IH15BA
R901310902 IH15BA006-1X/02038AA/G24N9K4V01 $1,562.53 IH15BA
R901311133 IH15BA006-1X/02039AA/G24N9K4V01 $1,740.22 IH15BA
R900618899 IH15BA006-1X/02040AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,390.21 IH15BA
R901340738 IH15BA006-1X/02045AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,477.68 IH15BA
R901142861 IH15BA006-1X/03014AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,467.93 IH15BA
R901183472 IH15BA006-1X/03035AB/G24N9K4V01 $8,053 IH15BA
R901184218 IH15BA006-1X/03037AA/G205N9K4V01 $3,976.52 IH15BA
R901229470 IH15BA006-1X/03051AA/G24N9K4V01 $3,450.52 IH15BA
R901235903 IH15BA006-1X/03054AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,664.92 IH15BA
R901239432 IH15BA006-1X/03059AA/G24N9K4V01 $3,970.19 IH15BA
R901260466 IH15BA006-1X/03061AA/G24N9K4M01 $4,575.97 IH15BA
R901289601 IH15BA006-1X/03066AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,409.88 IH15BA
R901387546 IH15BA006-1X/03086AA/G24N9K4V01 $2,474.03 IH15BA
R904101225 IH15BA006-1X/04001AA/G24N9K4V01 $4,850.34 IH15BA

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