Rexroth - Manifolds and plates

Rexroth catalog for Manifolds and plates. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Description Price Category
R900371166 G04R2-1X/20UNF $158.72 G04R
R900447986 G04R2-1X/G1/4 $265.18 G04R
R900527276 G04U4-1X/G1/4 $84.92 G04U
R900424379 G05C4-1X/G1/4 $179.46 G05C
R900424464 G05C4-1X/G1/4-S $100 G05C
R900424455 G05G2-1X/G1/2 $133.34 G05G
R901099689 G06A4-1X/G1/2-L $376.36 G06A
R900455110 G06A4-1X/G1/2-M $316.97 G06A
R900424447 G06A4-1X/G1/4-L $173.22 G06A
R901099586 G06A4-1X/G1/4-M $103.03 G06A
R900617691 G06A4-1X/G1/4-S $132.25 G06A
R900422653 G06A4-1X/G1/4-SL $1,585.37 G06A
R901410336 G06A4-1X/G1/4-SO699 $118.87 G06A
R900424448 G06A4-1X/G3/8 $408.50 G06A
R901099691 G06A4-1X/G3/8-S $407 G06A

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