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Part Number Description Price Category
R901199854 4WREF 10 E1-50-2X/V-24PF1 $3,891.89 4WREF
R901307853 4WREF10E50-2X/V-24PF1 $3,912.85 4WREF
R901336242 4WREF10V50-2X/V-24PA1 $4,276.74 4WREF
R901330401 4WREF10V50-2X/V-24PF1 $5,440.82 4WREF
R901175384 4WREF10V75-2X/V-24PF1 $5,376.94 4WREF
R901339023 4WREF10W1-75-2X/V-24PA1 $5,575.96 4WREF
R901202857 4WREF 10 W25-2X/V-24CA1 $3,612.47 4WREF
R901198531 4WREF10W50-2X/V-24PA1 $3,848.75 4WREF
R901290444 4WREF10W75-2X/V-24CA1 $4,629.42 4WREF
R901320028 4WREF10W75-2X/V-24PA1 $3,824.17 4WREF
R901315938 4WREF10W75-2X/V-24PF1 $3,842.87 4WREF
R901253100 4WREF6E08-2X/V-24CA1 $9,317.64 4WREF
R901308252 4WREF6E08-2X/V-24CF1 $4,055.99 4WREF
R901320631 4WREF6E08-2X/V-24PA1 $3,478.85 4WREF
R901143027 4WREF6E16-2X/V-24CA1 $3,132.37 4WREF

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