SKF - Rod end TSM

SKF catalog for Rod end TSM. You can search by cross references and filter by the main technical specs.
Part Number Thread Grease lubrication Fasteners Diameter Rocker pin Price Category
SALKAC18M Left Greaser M18 18 $80.88 Rod end TSM
SALKAC5M Left Greaser M5 5 $38.74 Rod end TSM
TSM005 Right Greaser M5 5 $47.14 Rod end TSM
TSM006 Right Greaser M6 6 $34.99 Rod end TSM
TSM008 Right Greaser M8 8 $34.70 Rod end TSM
TSM010 Right Greaser M10 10 $37.20 Rod end TSM
TSM012 Right Greaser M12 12 $43.07 Rod end TSM
TSM014 Right Greaser M14 14 $59.54 Rod end TSM
TSM016 Right Greaser M16 16 $71.24 Rod end TSM
TSM018 Right Greaser M18 18 $86.21 Rod end TSM
TSM020 Right Greaser M20 20 $109.20 Rod end TSM
TSM022 Right Greaser M22 22 $116.45 Rod end TSM
TSM025 Right Greaser M25 25 $118.22 Rod end TSM
TSM030 Right Greaser M30 30 $155.57 Rod end TSM
TSML005 Left Greaser M5 5 $47.53 Rod end TSM

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